Influencer Marketing

Thank you for showing interest in our Elite community of content creators.

Our overall mission statement is to provide the most engaging, quality driven content available. With that said, our members are given ample opportunities to coaching & teaching sessions to enhance their on-air personality, quality of content (equipment & software knowledge), & engagement. With this quality assurance, you will always get The Elite.

We hope that we can interest your team & brand with an influencer marketing partnership. This marketing program would involve endorsements and product placement from our influencers and content creators for your brand. With our level of social influence, we would develop many impressions and engagements with your intellectual property. With our relationship and business dealings, we wanted to advise you of what can be expected when partnering with Elite for your brand awareness:

  • Our members are an Elite group of content creators. You will be receiving brand awareness & notoriety from high quality, engaging, & entertaining content creators. These are members that are trained meticulously in the art of content delivery with strong prudence in their crafts. Our team even has a training ground named Elite Academy. This is where our talent scouts bring new talent on board with potential to become Elite. This training acts as a mitigation of subpar talent to make sure we deliver the best possible brand influencers for you.
Contact us and see what we can do as a community for you brand, service or product.
Brainstorming is always free and it might lead to some amazing ideas that can push us both forward.

  • Your products would also be featured on our social media outlets. Visibility for your services or products would be shown to a wide variety of our audience alongside platform specific audiences (i.e. YouTube video, Twitch stream, etc.). This allows for a maximum number of impressions via a high funnel audience & a more specific lower funnel audience.

  • Transparency for your brand & company is not an issue. For serious partnerships, we can deliver objective data to support our successes. Overall, we want you to reach the correct audience (audience targeting) with a supreme amount of possible impressions and engagement.

Thank you for your consideration & we look forward to working together. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us.