3000 PlayStation 5 Units Ready to be Sold… By Villainous Resellers.

Have you ever imagined a world where going outside & interacting with others would be taboo? Well, unfortunately with COVID-19, we are living that surreal reality. People are binging their favorite Netflix shows instead of going to the bar with friends. Some individuals are learning new hobbies or trades in the comfort of their home. In many instances, people are turning to video games to live out their fantasies & banish their boredom. Enter the new PlayStation 5, like an angel surrounded by trumpeted melody, which has come to save us from the dullness of working from home & estranged relationships.

Usually during a console launch, you would find it difficult to attain the new plastic, electronic beauty. The shiny hardware would be sought after by both veterans and dabblers, especially nearing holiday season. Unfortunately, you have a whole new challenger to face in the hunt for these consoles: the bored self-isolating, due to our current pandemic. That’s right, not only are you fending off PlayStation 5 fanboys, greedy children, & desperate parents, but also the newly ordained “bored crowd”.

With the awareness of supply & demand, the PlayStation 5 was very quick to sell out, both in-store & online. What some people do not realize is that resellers are a prime reason for quick shortages. These vultures tend to buy in bulk & flip them for a high profit when supply is low & need is high. It’s greedy and a form of vulture capitalism: not contributing to the production or logistics of a project, but “blocking the road” between developer & consumer with a “toll” for easy money. According to Business Insider, one reseller group apparently has attained around 3000 PlayStation 5 units for this very reason.

The PlayStation 5 is hard to get ahold of, and these reseller PS5 units are going for around or over double the retail value. Through the use of members & bots, a group titled CrepChiefNotify has selfishly gained these 3000 or so PlayStation 5 units for a high payday. This may be a strategic way to make some money, but with no skill or contribution to the market or society; just acting as mosquitos, hungry for blood. Level your head with patience and wait for your chance to buy a PlayStation 5 at retail value. Don’t feed the vultures.

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