Among Us Airship Map: Time to be Suspicious Again.

Among us was officially released in 2018, but it really picked up steam and popularity in 2020. Of course, the pandemic helped people play longer and drain game interest faster. Among us is no different, as the game’s popularity grew stale with new trends coming forward. The fact is that new content needed to drop to keep Among Us from becoming too dry.

Innersloth, the developer behind Among Us, has had a unique situation here. The game garnered most of its popularity two years after release, and they had already moved onto other projects. This sudden surge in excitement prompted them to try to quickly work on new content for fans and capitalize on their interest later than usual.

To help alleviate the repetitive nature of a three-map rotation, Innersloth has announced it is working on the Airship map for Among Us. With their recent Twitter post, the details seem to be new tasks, starting rooms, preliminary account system, and more. It is said to be their biggest map yet!

Wonderfully, we know when we can expect this new Among Us map. The Airship will fly into our murderous little bean lives on March 31st. The new update should see an increase in interest yet again among fans and the streaming community that loves to play Among Us together.

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