Among Us Guide: 5 Tips For Being The Best impostor

Being A Sneaky, Dastardly Among Us impostor

Among Us is a cooperate game for 4 to 10 players struggling to complete tasks, while avoiding being killed by the impostor or impostors. Released in 2018 by Innersloth, it has seen a sudden surge of popularity.
In Among Us, most players will be set as crewmates needing to complete a series of menial tasks, whilst simultaneously watching their armless behinds, avoiding impostor stabbings.

Working together is rewarding, challenging, & downright fun. Being the unknown villain and throwing curveballs into your “teammates’” plans is even more fun in Among Us. In this article, we will be covering some tips to avoid suspicion & murder your crewmates.

1. Blend in and become one with your “crew”.

In Among Us, there are currently a small amount of maps to learn. Use your knowledge & in-game map to act is if you are completing objectives while planning your approach to killing off your “team”. Remember that certain objectives require animations that only the crew can do (Prime Shields), so don’t linger around those.

Upon an emergency meeting or body discovery, act as if you are part of the crew. Ask where the body was found. Raise believable suspicions about other crewmates to instill doubt in everyone’s minds. Avoid being too quiet.

Act natural in a room alone with a regular crewmate and behave as if you are wary of them killing you. You can leave them alive to proclaim your innocence in a vote – “They didn’t kill me, and they had a chance!”

Perform a kill and instigate a sabotage, using the vents to quickly get to the objective point & act innocent while “fixing” it.

2. Choose your prey carefully.

Manly players have become well rounded in Among Us, which leads to quicker & more intelligent assumptions of your misdeeds. If you are lucky & notice an ignorant or new player, take advantage of that and their lone-wolf approach.

If you are noticing certain crewmates accusing non-impostor quite a bit, try to leave them alive for awhile to point the finger at other innocent members. You may get a poor, innocent soul ejected for you.

Another big tip people forget is that impostors cannot perform tasks. Try to eliminate crewmates performing tasks with visible animations, as they will be known as regular crewmates early on, leaving you more vulnerable for suspicion.

3. Use vents for more than just cool air.

In Among Us, you can use vents as a means of fast travel & hiding. Only impostors can use them, so make sure no one sees you entering or exiting a vent. Also, avoid using vents when a security camera is showing that it is in use.

The best tactic for using the vents involves a bit of finesse and timing. You execute a crewmate near a vent & sabotage a far away objective, leading the crew away. This gives you ample time to wait for your kill ability to regenerate. Wait for a crewmate to make their way near the body to report, & rinse & repeat. Don’t rely heavily on this time extensive tactic, as it allows the crew to quickly finish objectives while you wait.

4. Use chaos as a late game tool.

If you are playing against veteran Among Us players, and find it difficult to isolate victims, use your sabotage to your advantage. Cutting the power will have crewmates bouncing on top of each other in the dark to fix the electrical. During this time, you can act like a rogue & stab someone in the back during the scuffle, causing instant chaos & wonderment of who did it. This also works with communication disruption, but the darkness can give you more of a shroud & enact more confusion on the crew.

Also, consider activating a fatal emergency via sabotage late game to split surviving crewmates up. This will also disrupt the pattern of emergency meetings with few crewmates left to sniff you out.

5. Be a mischievous ghost.

If you are in an Among Us game with multiple impostors and you get discovered, you can still cause a bit of disarray as a specter. It is even more scary that you haunt the spaceship as a spaceman jellybean with no arms. Don’t rage-quit just yet, and help your fellow impostors by continuing to sabotage, just as ghost crewmates are able to still complete tasks.

Now that you have these tips and tricks to be a grade-A impostor in Among Us, go out there and slay in the depths of space. Remember, no one can hear them scream in space…..well, if they even talk at all.

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