Apparently, It’s Never Too Early for a Board Game Expansion

Article by "Chaotic Neutral," Played Together.

Often I’ll find an interesting board game on Kickstarter, and buried in the campaign details after scrolling past the first few reward milestones I’ll find it: the inevitable expansions. The game isn’t even launched! It hasn’t had the chance to go up on boardgamegeek for the official review, and I’m already being tempted to hand over more cash for a game I’ve never played in order to add new chapters/quests/territory/campaigns.

What started off as a respectable and worthwhile backing at $40 has now ballooned to $130, not including the bigger box and screen printed playmat add-on that only a fool would pass up at this point, unless you enjoy having to carry 5 boxes of various sizes in order to play your new game at your first game night whenever the plague(TM) ends. These board games are asking for a lot of trust. Not only am I going in cold on a board game purchase, but also I have to deal with the added pressure of making the wrong decision in order “to have fun.”

Decision 1:
I get the expansions, but the game turns out to be not so great and now I have to try to pawn off the game on eBay, or re gift it to a newbie board game enthusiast while I pretend I’m helping them out. “You might find this game challenging, but after a few play-throughs you’ll definitely enjoy it.”

Decision 2:
I decide not to get the expansions in case the game is a dud, but it’s actually great. Awesome! Now for the next several months I have to hunt down the expansions at a 300% markup on eBay, or pray that the local game store was one of the backers.

I almost don’t even want to write out Decision 3 because it’s the one I hate the most. Sigh…

Decision 3:
I get the game and the expansions AND it’s great, but all it cost me was a $130 hole in my bank account and a future IKEA trip to buy another shelf for my gaming collection, which will undoubtedly turn into other IKEA purchases during that same trip because that store is the devil, or more accurately, they are another place that sells expansions—except that it’s for your home. In the end I end up with the only consolation prize that never breaks the bank and tides me over until the next Kickstarter that catches my eye: a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs and an ice cream cone.

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