Audio Masterclass for content creators on Twitch

A couple of weeks back, we held another live masterclass on our Twitch channel. This time around, we focused on mic audio! It's incredibly important to get your audio settings right for your broadcast and your microphone is no exception!

During the live stream hosted by JawnTheZoz, he shares his process involved with setting up a microphone for his own live streams and explains the decision making process to help narrow down which filters/plugins to use, where to position the microphone, which settings to adjust, and much more!

We highly recommend taking the time to watch this introductory video on our YouTube channel before watching this broadcast to help further enrich your understanding of what was taught during the masterclass. And if you seek an even deeper understanding of the methods used in this masterclass, don't worry! We have many "audio for streaming" videos in the works that will be released in the very near future! We also host a lot more masterclasses and other events. For more information about this visit the Events tab here.

So be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our content as it releases. Also, follow us on Twitch where you can catch our community broadcasts as well as our masterclasses where you can participate in the discussions as well as the Q&A sessions!

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