Blue Yeti Microphone Tutorial

Do you need help with your Blue Yeti? Or you consider buying it? I would suggest calling animal control. If you mean the microphone, We can at least help you with that. We’ve put together an easy to follow list to get you sounding like Andrea Bocelli with your Blue Yeti microphone! Ok, you may still sound like Roseanne eating an angry cat, but at least you’ll be a master of your setup. Before we start, considering buying? Check out the "Blue Yeti" on Amazon.

- Plug that sweet voice stealer into a free USB slot on your PC (easy enough, right?).

- On your microphone, set your gain dial down to 0 & set your appropriate polar pattern. For vocals with streaming, we recommend the cardioid vocal pattern (this looks like a blob that was punched a bit).

- Position your microphone to where you want it when you speak. Make sure to position the front of the microphone towards your mouth. If you do hunger sounds ASMR, then your stomach, I guess. With that, make sure your mute button is a solid red & not blinking.

- Open your sound control panel in windows. Click the recording tab & find your Blue Yeti device. Select it & then select properties. Select your levels tab & adjust this to 50. In advanced, under default format, choose the sample rate best for you (should be default).

- In OBS, open your settings > audio. In your sample rate tab, make sure it’s the same as your Blue Yeti & your default playback device. Under devices, select the dropdown from the first Mic/Aux audio option & choose your Blue Yeti. Under advanced, make sure to disable Windows audio ducking (quack quack). Use the OBS dB meter to gain stage your microphone. Make sure its loud & in a sweet spot without clipping. Click OK & go take a nap; you’ve earned it.

With this combination of settings, you should be on your way to achieving crisp & clear audio for your Blue Yeti. Now, get out there & wow the world with your clear & crisp rage moments!
Check out the amazing "JawnTheZoz" who is way better at this right here:

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