COD Warzone: Tournament for Ukraine (EVENT FINISHED)

Call of Duty Tournament for Ukraine

Game: Call of Duty Warzone
Date: May 12th 5:00pm EDT/9:00pm UTC
Your hosts: TheNickster15 and FreakshowIncorporated
Location: Official Elite Twitch channel

Quick Rules:
- 1.5 hours time limit.
- 2 best games Attempt as many times as you would like
- One person on the team must be streaming

Recommended $5 donation entry fee to be applied to Ukraine fundraiser.
Tillfy link to be shared in later stage!

Tournament is FREE with special perks in Elite Discord for winning the tournament and shoutouts on social media.

More Rules: 1st place gets 5 points 2nd Place get 3 points 3rd Place gets 1 point Each kill gets 1 point Team with the most total points wins the tournament.

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