DarkTrooper Gaming talking "Engagement"

Our very own DarkTrooper Gaming wants to share on the hot topic of "engagement". What does that word mean to you when you read it? It’s an interesting word that has so many different meanings depending on who you are, your experiences, your attitude and what you enjoy with or without others.

What does that word mean to a viewer who has stumbled onto a brand new channel for the first time? Their eyes taking in every detail, every colour, animation, sound and emote. Their attraction is drawn to the presenter as they react to the content they are displaying, watching as something happens and that person, that presenter, that living individual who they have never met before, turns and looks at the camera and says, “Can you believe that, chat? Let me know your thoughts!”

What does it mean for a community like Elite? A group forming in the primordial soup of creation; ideas and concepts, rules and standards, websites and announcements, mixing together to create a new life in a heavily populated live streaming city. How can Elite be different when so many communities exist? When so many rise to take the challenge, only to be defeated by those that came before. Elite will grow, it will expand, it will attract like minded people that will strengthen its foundations until a mighty structure is created that will support those that will to find a place of belonging - a place to begin.


"It means something different to us all."

For Elite, engagement is about people. Engage with your fellow content creators, share your ideas, your experiences, your mistakes and joys of whatever it is you stream or create. Engagement will promote those around you, bring those back to watch you once more and those people that comment in your scenes, or chat while you are live, will find others around them and the engagement will lift them up, too.

From the content creator asking his chat for support, showing their gaming mistakes, asking for advice or to just simply say, “Let’s talk”, to the Youtuber who offers advice on products, services or game reviews, engagement is what puts you ahead of those that have come before. Ahead of those that have a large following that find no engagement from the presenter, but only return for the chat with others. Those that compare two streams and see one with the presenter trying every time to engage with their viewers, to the person that does not even see their bits, message or subbed read out or thanked.

Engagement can be the key difference to what separates a community compared to a presenter.

Elite is here for the engagement of people. It means those around us, old and new. Supporting, contributing and forming friendships that build a streamer, content creator, or presenters confidence with what really matters - the people.

//DarkTrooper Gaming
Elite Community Member

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