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What’s the most important thing when you are streaming or watching a fellow streamer? Is it the content, the pursuit of an objective live for others to see; the overcoming of a feat you once thought impossible to only suddenly, in the blank of your eyes and the comments of your chat, beat and celebrate in a display of raw emotion? Or is it watching that content creator who has spent day after day, week after week trying to beat that one level and watching his frustration and rage spill over that you feel their pain and anger?

The key here is community, involving yourself as a content creator or as a viewer. Being a part of something not just for yourself, but for those around you that also want to get involved and share in the experience and emotion that comes from success and failure. This can come in many shapes and forms but none more so then the experience of a collaborative stream.

A collaborative stream with fellow Elite members or other content creators is the perfect avenue for this sort of experience. What better way than assembling a team to take on a tough challenge live on stream, or record a gaming session and post it to youtube. The emotion, anger, happiness, and the frustration all boil over into laughs and friendly mockery that also bring chat into the equation who suddenly can find themselves hopping over to the creators in your collaborative stream and then meeting new people and other streams in future.

Collaborative streams:
Collaborative streams bring new opportunities to your channel as it may let you engage with new games you wouldn’t normally consider and open yourself up as a creator to new audiences, players and categories of subjects you may not have been interested in at first. As content creators, we want to have fun as well as be a productive member of our communities. And as viewers, we want to watch people that make us laugh and smile and get us on the edge of our seats when something good or bad happens.

This sets the collaborative stream up perfectly - a bunch of fellow creators playing games as friends and tackling things they never would alone - an FPS in which one member of the team cannot aim without the help of their fellow streamer, to the base building and adventure games in which a member of the team is a hidden architect that guides their team into building the perfect base.

All the while your chat members are cheering, cursing or offering advice not just to yourself but to those players that have joined you. A collaborative stream brings everyone together from different content, different audiences and different playstyles and exposes those around you to the success of goals, achievements and completed games that they may not have seen before or had the chance with you to see.

What’s more thrilling than watching a team of streamers together tackling some battle royale and supporting each other in the last few moments of a match, watching each others backs, hoping the one member who has potato aim does not bring the group down and all the while, on your other monitor or behind the scenes, your chat shouting and cheering with you and the team. Or setting sail on the rough seas at night, your crew taking aim at fellow players and trying to be the team that lasts the match and secures the loot. The laughter echoing across the speakers of your viewers as that one member from your collaborative stream has fallen into the water, never to return for the rest of the match.

Collaborative streams aren’t just about bringing players together to take an objective that would be impossible alone. They are about creating memories for an evening, making clip worthy content and exposing your viewers to your fellow creators. They are a perfect platform to capture your audience's imagination, exceed their expectations and, perhaps above all else, bring them back in the hopes you will join up with those same players again and take on a new adventure.

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