Elite Community Valorant tournament (Event Finished)

This is where you can show your fps worth in a 10-person free for all!


Today launches Elites in-house run Valorant tournament. We are pitting member against member, friends against friends. Who will come out on top of this battle? Each player will be playing solo to win the top prize!

Tournament structure:
Best of 5 rounds
1st place 3 pts
2nd place 2 pts
3rd place 1 pts

Rounds 5:
- 1st - 6 pts
- 2nd - 4 pts
- 3rd - 2 pts

Player with the most points at the end of 5 rounds wins!!!! Prizes for 1st,2nd,3rd place finalists

Date: Sunday 20th of June

Time: 6pm Bst / 1pm EST and 10am PDT

In the case of more than 10 sign-ups, it is a first come basis. In the event of more than 10 you will be kept on standby for another 10 or for any drop-outs

To signup please head over to the discord

#?role-selection and pick up the Valorant role. Then go to #?valorant-event-sign-up and drop your name to play.

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