Elite project version 1.1.102 is now live

Release Notes :

Version : 1.1.102 is now live on https://www.eliteteam.tv/


- Changed the login page on the website to become more clear with 3 buttons;

- Moved FAQ after login to right drop down menu;

- Opened FAQ, Networking and chat bot for @Partner trainee: Please connect the chat bot.

- We added new categories to "networking" tab on the website: "Creative", "Just Chatting" & "Music"

- All @Extension users can now also add themselves in "networking" to network with fellow Elite members!


- We added a !removehonor for @supremecommander

- We updated the chat bot for the @medalofhonor when you now earn that role you start dropping 1k honor bombs when you are live!


- Added a , in amounts larger then 999 to keep things organized;

- Fixed the bot dropping random message on !addhonor;

- Fixed the leaderboard ranks from Discord;

- Fixed networking after login on selecting and editing your connected genres.

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