Elite project version 1.1.98 is now live

Website update:
- added banners to the homepage, newsdetail and event detail pages.
Going to be future filled with companies related to content creation, games & nerdgasm.

Project Dashboard update:
- where the quests are shown we changed the layout to two lines to give it a bit more space;
- we added a 5th monthly quest for y'all to finish and gobble up that honor. Starting 01-09-2021 for Partner and Partner Trainee roles.

Discord Bot Update:
- For the “Supreme Commanders” role: we have a new command!
!addhonor @username 5000 adds 5k honor to that username. This way the prices for referral and community events can be done on the spot! 
- For “Partner Trainee”: we added your finished achievements in the “achievements” tab now too
- The Challenges have a separate channel now “challenges”. Idea by Community member “Hebby1015”

Support calls resolved:
- Fixed the overlay styling issue that was dropped by Aeridos
- Fixed the styling issues as reported by Foops on badges
- Fixed the issue with one badge not reflecting as reported by KiritoEcho
- Fixed the "chatterbox" information tool as reported by KiritoEcho
- Fixed the partner page on the front-end as reported by WolfBaneGaming

We also moved the entire project on the latest version of the software tool "Big Cheese Software"
Releases will go on quicker now as this last sentences was a lot of work.

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