Elite Streamer Podcast: Monetize & Earn on Twitch

When one pursues the endeavor of content creation, they are forging a relationship of business & pleasure; content creation is an art & passion, but also a potential source of lucrative income. This article is going to touch on ways to monetize your Twitch streams, but there is something to keep in mind first. Begin streaming or creating content out of the passion you have for it, not the potential for money. You will succeed based on your joys of the medium and the quality you put into the world; money is just a bonus.

- Strive for Twitch Affiliate, so you can take advantage of all Twitch has to offer in terms of earning.

- Donations and cheer/bits come from an audience who enjoys your content and feels their donation goes towards that content in some way. Give back instead of being completely money hungry. Call to actions are helpful in this department, so your donators are getting something in return.

- Subscribers are a way to solidify your audience with permanence, in a way. These devoted fans want to watch you without ad breaks, get your amazing emotes, and more. Give them perks for being a subscriber: unique giveaways, chat privileges, etc.

- Business partnerships are a way to garner income from 3rd parties. You can find your stream brand align with businesses & merchandise, thus fueling an advertising relationship. Remember the difference between “sponsorship” and “affiliate”. Keep your communication skills top notch, so that you come off as professional to those your reach out to or receive communication from. You never know what relationships will blossom into others.

- Broaden your channel reach with physical merchandise. Your followers become walking billboards for your brand and are likely to spread your channel via word of mouth when asked about your designs. Offer a wide variety of designs & items because your audience is not one size fits all. One may want a shower curtain, while another wants a hoodie. One may want a simple design, when another wants something unique & profound.

Remember these tips & consider your options as a content creator. The overall message is to first make sure you are enjoying the pursuit & delivering quality content. When that is in place, your earnings become a bonus, but they absolutely will come with the right planning.

View our Elite Podcast Episode 2 for a complete rundown on these topics with many more tips & explanations:

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