Elite Twitch Community beta 1.08 is live now!

Dear (future) Elite,

We are the Elite. A Twitch Community open to the world with our Elite Academy.

New version of the website is live:
Beta release 1.08 is now live on http://www.eliteteam.tv/

NEW: Networking
Based on the idea of DarkTrooper Gaming and a bit more for the future of the Elite Community, but we welcome the "Networking" option to our dashboard.
You can set a max of 3 game genres that connect with you as a creator most. This way other Elite members that like that genre too can find your channel easier. In the future more category can and will be added.

Go here and select your three genres: https://www.eliteteam.tv/account/default/networking/

- On badges we now added an information item. It tells you what you need to achieve to get that specific badge. All about the transparency right!
- We updated the menu after login because it was getting massive. We now have a special "we" section where it's all about the community and a special "I" section all about you.
- In stead of putting merchandising in top menu, we made a banner and spread that over the website. With that merchandising is taken from the top menu to make room for other cool new stuff in the future.

- Working hard for the " Streamer of the Week" option now has actual meaning. The honor bombs are working now and go off in the same way as the "Highlighted Streamer" role works.
- Tweaked some small bugs and minor adjustments are added.

We hope you enjoy it!

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