Elite Twitch Community beta 1.09 is live now!

Version 1.09 is live of the website, bot and integrated options for streamers! And we are very proud of this update as we are still in beta, but we also like to inform you on why you want to push and become Elite. We don't want to become the biggest community, we strive to become better, every single day.

With this being said we also make a promise: **In the next version we are going to launch a more clear route for new members to able to join us.** For now we are proud to launch version 1.09. And here is our latest new feature: ***Challenges!*** Another great way to spend your hard earned honor!

We offer 3 type of challenges:
1. Community Based
This is when we decide what you can do per day, making you some nice bonus Honor!

2. Open Community Challenges
This is where you challenge the whole community and everybody can participate. The first who finishes the job gets the Honor!

3. Personal Challenges
You challenge a fellow Elite member and they have 2 weeks to finish the tasks at hand. They do it you approve, they get Honor, they don't? No stress, you get a refund.

It's live now! Hope you enjoy the update! Not a member of our Discord yet? Join the Elite Academy today and start your adventure with us!

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