Elite Twitch Community beta 1.10 is live now!

We are still in beta, but the good news is that we are going to open the Elite doors a bit more and launch a more clear recruitement process.

Introducing our brand new recruitment system: Trainee.
When Elite Academy members match these criteria:
- Reach level 15 in Elite Academy Discord
- Own a PC (for sponsorship opportunities)
- Own a webcam (for sponsorship opportunities)
- Be an active and supportive member in the Academy Discord.
- Be active on major socials (Twitter, Instagram minimum)

and want to they can join the brand new "Trainee program". They get an invite to the official Elite Discord. But, they won't be a full member... yet. 1,000,000 Honor is needed to become a full member. Quests need to be completed, Honor Bombs need to be earned. Proof you are Elite and climb them ranks. We maximize the entry of the official Elite to 2 per week. First come first served. Remember that the council holds the right to decline you if you don't uphold standards.

The question then becomes what are you working for? What is Elite exactly and what can you do there? We got you covered:
- NEW: Introducing the brand new marketing page: https://www.eliteteam.tv/twitch-streamer/

We also have more stability, support calls fixed and some minor tweaks/improvements.
Hope you enjoy it and we can't wait to see the trainee's entering.

//Elite Council

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