Gaming Energy Drinks

What are gaming energy drinks? They can really be any energy drink. You have Mtn Dew Game Fuel, I’ve heard people refer to Bang and Reign as gaming drinks, Monster is normally considered in this category, but these aren’t what I’ll be talking about today. Today I wanna focus on the drinks that are directed and marketed to gamers. Drinks such as G Fuel, Rogue Energy, GG Supps, and more! When did they first start to pop up?

The Beginning of G Fuel

G Fuel started in 2004 with Gamma Labs, founded in West Babylon New York USA. Starting out, they were an athlete supplement drink company, and slowly evolved into what is now referred to as, “the official drink of esports.” Even though Gamma Labs was founded in 2004, G Fuel didn't come around until 2012. G Fuel is one of the most mainstream examples of gamer energy drinks, with the second closest would be Gamer Supps. The way they’ve been able to remain popular is by releasing new flavors and having big names they sponsor. G Fuel wasn’t necessarily an instant success, but they knew how to market. Gamma labs had been around for nearly a decade by 2012, but G Fuel is where they’d find their real success. How did they find this success?

G Fuel’s Success

G Fuel ads target gamers, saying it’ll “enhance their game play,” and use big names and Esports teams to market their product. When teens, and even some adults, see these professional players, or get promised they’ll do better at games, they feel like they need to try it. Many companies try this, and it works. These big names try it, sell it to you with a fancy discount code so you get a percentage off, and they hook you into it. Until 2016, Gamma labs had a corner on the market, until another big name came up

A New Player

From 2012 to 2016 G Fuel was about the only large gamer energy drink out there, but in 2016 Gamer Supps (GG Supps) was released. Was this large competition for G Fuel? No, and to this day has a lead in the market. Gamer Supps offered an alternative drink, one they claimed wasn’t chalky and tasted better than G Fuel. They followed the same formula as Gamma Labs. Market to gamers, teens, and use big names with discount codes. Gamer Supps has become one of the bigger gamer drinks and is another people think of, but the thing they do differently is they don’t exclusively use large names. Almost everyone has heard of Pewdiepie, FaZe Clan, and Keemstar, all people sponsored by G Fuel, but Gamer Supps has sponsored people who have only thousands and even hundreds of subscribers on youtube and Twitch. They helped the small creator, which has become common in the market now. How have things changed since 2016?

A Changing Market

Since 2016 multiple companies have started popping up selling energy drinks. Gamer Supps in 2016, Rogue Energy in 2017, Sneak Energy in 2018, and Glitch Energy in 2019 to name a few. The things they all have in common, they were all made by gamers, streamers, and youtubers, Glitch Energy being founded by youtuber I Am Wild Cat (aka Tyler Wine), a large youtuber with over 7 million subscribers. These are just a few examples out of many many companies that have launched making these energy drinks.

In conclusion, G Fuel started a trend of gamer energy drinks that started slow, but gained popularity, sparking many businesses to start up selling these energy drinks. Many of these companies find success because they use the same marketing strategies and support online creators, or are even made by online creators. Will G Fuel ever be kicked off the top spot? Only time will tell.

This article is written by EliteKnight2942 check out his Twitch channel here.

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