GFX masterclass for Content Creators (Event Finished)

Elite’s very own Arani will be presenting a Masterclass to help guide you further into the online world of graphics design! Arani has worked hard in discovering what you should and shouldn't do regarding GFX, bringing first hand knowledge to let YOU know what to do.

Some of the topics being covered will be:
1. Tips for finding an artist
2. Platforms to search for Artists
3. Dos and Dont's when thinking about branding.
4. Payment options - Good and bad
5. Merchandising rights
6. What makes good branding what is bad branding

These are some very important key things to know when entering the world of graphics design. Arani is very knowledgeable when it comes to these points, and this is something I assure you, you don’t wanna miss!
Location: the official Elite Twitch channel
Date: 29/01/2021
Time: 3pm GMT 10am EST

Message @CreepyNannerz

Message @CreepyNannerz

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