How & Why to set up Streamer Mode in Discord

In this article, we will be showing you how to set up streamer mode in discord, so you can easily show your fellow content creators that you are live. They will then easily see you are active & this allows your viewer count to rise more easily. Take advantage of this simple tool.

Step 1: After you have created your Discord account, head down to the lower left side & click on the user settings cog. Pop over to connections & make sure you add your Twitch account. Before you exit, take advantage of this step & connect any other social media channels you have.

Step 2: To completely add your Twitch account, click on the Twitch icon & you will be directed to a Twitch authorization page. Click authorize.

Step 3: Once connected, head to the left side & select streamer mode. You can enable it manually whenever you would like, or you can select automatically enable/disable when active streamer software is detected. You can even head over to the key-binds tab & create one that will toggle streamer mode on & off.

With all this complete, you will show up live in the Discord channels that permit it. People will see the purple, live icon & will be able to hover over to click through to your live channel. Our Elite Academy offers this service too, want to network? Join our Discord here. Check out our companion video linked below for even more reasons why you want to use Discord streamer mode! Created by the amazing JawnTheZoz

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