Introducing the Elite Academy

So, you’ve found the door to this majestic looking building, you’re stood outside and contemplating what might be inside. Suddenly a giant mushroom pops up!

Wait this isn’t the newest text RPG novel adventure game. But since you’re here welcome to the Elite Academy! I’m Nat also known as Arani the Community Leader for the Discord and I’m here to explain what the Academy is all about.

What is the Elite Academy?
The Elite Academy is the open community and stepping stone for members who are serious about their content creation journeys. Before the Elite there’s the Academy and we’re here to help you level up those weak spots, gain new knowledge and help you to grow!

How do we do this you ask? Not by throwing lurkers or viewers your way but by helping you gain solid foundations in marketing, branding, technology and everything else. The more work you put in the better the results will be!

Growth Opportunities
The Elite Academy is focused on growth and ensuring that this is done through the best practices. We encourage networking through interacting with other content creators and streamers both in Discord and their channels. We help with social media content such as how to engage effectively on sites like Twitter, utilising YouTube and learning about marketing fundamentals like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your content so you can triumph over the algorithms.

Community Engagement – First and foremost
There are also community nights from both gaming and other events from the community stream channel with plans for stream surgery style shows and more where we talk about elements to help promote growth and brand development!

Finally, we help tailor plans around your content and help you grow so that you can eventually join the Elite.

The Elite Academy Stream Team
The Elite Academy is also home to a newly formed stream team, an application only team that you can apply for when you reach the appropriate level in Discord. This is one of the stepping stones that can help boost your chances when you apply for Elite.

How do I join the Elite Academy?
Joining is the easiest thing in the world!
All you need to do is click this link and begin your journey to being the best content creator you can be. You’ll meet new friends, learn new skills and begin growing to meet your full potential.

We never stop learning but it’s never to late to start!

Written by ShadowForgeArani
Community manager Elite Academy

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