Introducing the Elite Trainee Programme

Elite Academy Community Leader Ara’ni here with an important update for everyone!

We officially launched the Elite Trainee Programme, the first step on the journey to becoming Elite. If you have aspirations to take your stream from hobby to potential business venture, then this is the programme for you. The trainee programme came about as a way of seeing if potential elite members have what it takes. Elite provides members with opportunities for sponsorships, influencer deals and more and as a result we can only accept those who are serious about making their content work!

What can the trainee programme offer me?
The trainee programme not only helps us see who could be potential Elite, but also offers you more focused growth opportunities.
You will get access to the following:
- Similar minded people who will help you grow and develop your stream with critical and helpful feedback. Most of all it’s honest!
- Access to professionals in many fields including marketing, social media, graphic design and video production!
- Networking opportunities to make new friends and even new streaming buddies!
- Personal streamer growth opportunities as listed here:

So how does one become an Elite Trainee?
The answer is simple:
- Reach level 15 in Elite Academy Discord
- Own a PC (for sponsorship opportunities)
- Own a webcam (for sponsorship opportunities)
- Be an active and supportive member in the Academy Discord.
- Be active on major socials (Twitter, Instagram minimum)
- Be affiliated to Twitch
- Complky to the community rules.
- Want to develop your stream and be receptive to feedback regarding your content.

The Elite Application Process
If you meet all the criteria you will receive an invite to the Official ‘Super-Secret’ Elite Discord! You will be given the rank of trainee and have access to the majority of things the Elite do. You will be expected to engage, complete quests and earn at least 1,000,000 honour to become eligible to be interviewed. (Don’t worry 1,000,000 honour sounds a lot but you accumulate honour very quickly. The super-secret Elite devs tell me it’s about 1-2 months on average)

It’s important to note that the Elite Staff reserve the right to decline an application should you fail to meet the standards required. So, don’t delay! Jump into our Elite Academy, get chatting make friends and soon you could be Elite!

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