Introducing the Elite Twitch Clip Manager

The focus of the Elite community is to provice tools to market your brand. That is something we work on and also invest in as a community. We do that with podcasts, masterclasses by professionals, articles, community events and much, much more. We take things next level with the announcement of the official Elite Twitch Extension... But, now we proudly announce another new feature: the Elite Twitch Clips manager! Taking things furtger on our roadmap.

Unfortunatly downloading clips is not so easy at the moment. We have created an easy solution to download your clips on your mobile device or desktop. Easy as 1,2,3 and more time to market those clips all over the internet. This is the first feature we announce as "premium" and is connected to our Patreon. Starting for 3 euro per month gives you access to this feature. You also support our future ideas to further offer things to improve your marketing! Make sure to join our Discord because that's all connencted too.

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