It’s time to form a board game Sports League

Article by "Chaotic Neutral", Played Together. Every few days I come across some E-sports story highlighting its growing popularity, growing fan base and insane amounts of money being tossed at kids. Some as young as 8 years old! That’s right! Recently, an E-sports team signed an 8 year old to play Fortnight for $33,000. For an 8 year-old that might as well be infinity dollars.


I quickly realized, as I’m sure you’re quickly realizing, that I should have ignored my folks when they said to put the controller down. I have also made an unwise choice when it came to my hobby of board games if the ultimate goal is to get drafted and paid. Where are the board game sports leagues⎼my B-sports? Where are the insane streaming deals and the thousands of dollars being tossed to those of us blessed with the ability to roll natty 20s in the clutch, or strategize victories 30 turns into the future like a chess pro?

B-Sports League:

It’s time to start a legitimate B-sports league. It shouldn’t be that hard. Book an arena, throw in some fancy camera work, strobe lighting, loud intros, and let the dollars roll in until we get filthy rich. The match-ups practically write themselves. You have the classic collectible card games that would be the cash cow for the league. I’m talking about Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. Toss in the board game flavor of the month to keep things fresh. Finally, cap off the year with a board game mania championship event to cement the legitimacy of the B-sports league. I already know what the championship trophy would be: a giant gold-plated dice tower featuring a giant D-100 at the top. The winners get their names etched along the gilded dice tower and once the space runs out you add another layer⎼just like the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup. And yes, the winners would be able to drink out of it. In all likelihood they would be pouring in one of the holy trinity of energy drinks: Red Bull, Mountain Dew or Monster.

I know I’m getting way ahead of myself. Honestly, I’d be happy with just having an ill-fitting, horribly designed, moisture-wicking team jersey with a “clever” nickname on the back. But what I do know is that our B-sports league will finally be legit when we sign our own 8-year old Gloomhaven prodigy to a lucrative $50,000 contract and six-figure endorsement deal with Wizards of the Coast.

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