John Romero & Doom Guy’s Name

There are characters that hold a special place in gamers’ hearts; names that resonate a feeling of eternal nostalgia & quite familial. Sonic, Mario, & Pikachu lend a light-hearted pang in our souls, but some characters crank the heavy metal to eleven & drench you in blood. When you think of heavy, brutal characters, none other hits harder than Doom’s leading man. Some would now lend him the name Doom Slayer, but was that name ever officially in his nomenclature?

When Doom released in 1993 on PC, he earned the moniker of “Doom Guy” as he brutalized & tore through gangs of demons & monstrosities. The name of “Doom Guy” seemed like a community appointed name for the demon slayer behind the mask; the name was never quite taken literally. In fact, as a fun tidbit, the title of the series came from a Tom Cruise movie: The Color of Money. A scene shows Cruise reveal a custom pool cue & case. A man asks him what he has, & he simply replies “doom.”

Finally, on Twitter, John Romero confirmed the long-running question of what Doom Guy’s real name is. Some Doom lovers had thrown their two cents into the ring, with guesses like John Kane, but were shut down when Romero revealed the name to be none other than Doom Guy. Yes, canonically Doom Guy is his actual name, not B.J. Hell Hunter or anything of the like.

We thank Romero for finally ending a long-lasting puzzle regarding Doom and look forward to his future projects. He is currently working on Empire of Sin, an upcoming tactical strategy game centered around the Mafia.

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