Keeping Your Personal Information Safe by Making a Business PayPal

Hey everyone, CyanCloud back with another article. If you’re anything like me, keeping your personal information private from your viewers is of utmost importance. They can know my first name, middle name, and all about the day I said something embarrassing 10 years ago that nobody but myself remembers; but when it comes to my last name and personal email, that’s too much. I’d like to say I can put my trust into the internet to not do anything ridiculous with that information, but let's be honest with ourselves here.

When setting up a PayPal account for streaming, it may seem as simple as creating an account, punch in your information, attach a bank account, and bam, people can donate to you on stream at any time. What I never realized was for each donation, the donor receives a receipt containing your full name and personal email address used for the PayPal account. I was fortunate to have a kind soul inform me about this early on so I could make some changes. It wasn’t abundantly clear what to do at first with very few resources walking through the process; so here I am to try and help you keep your information private by creating a business PayPal account to avoid providing any personal information within those donation receipts.

Below are all steps to be taken in creating your own PayPal business account to make your personal information private, and your stream professional.

  1. Begin by creating a PayPal business account and filling in all the normal information. Make your stream name as the business name and use a stream specific email (both will show in the donor receipts).
  2. For “describe your business”, select Individual/Sole Proprietorship followed by Cable, Satellite and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services for “product or service keywords”. The rest of the information on that page will vary per person.
  3. Next screen requires straight forward information such as your SSN, DOB, and address. Fill those in.
  4. Congratulations, your business account has been created, however, there’s more you need to do to accept payments and send money. PayPal needs to ensure that you’re a trustworthy source providing legitimate services that people are paying for. Therefore, navigate to the restore dashboard and resolve all requested tasks which should consist of:
    1. Photo ID
    2. Proof of address
    3. Confirm SSN and proof
  5. Once these items have been completed, PayPal may request proof of services provided to donors. If this occurs, there’s no document we can show them as a streamer that states we provided a service they paid for. To handle this, the easiest way I found was to contact PayPal via message and state being a streamer to which there’s no proof/receipt of service provided. To which they should respond and lift the rest of the restrictions on your account, leaving you a fully functional business PayPal account for your stream. Now any donation receipt will include your stream/business name followed by your stream email utilized from step 1.

Hopefully you come across little to no issues throughout this process as it’s all relatively simple, but can come across as daunting due to labeling your stream as a “business”. Nonetheless, I find it incredibly important to make sure that you keep a close hold on specific personal information much like last names and personal emails by keeping them as far away from the stream as possible. The last thing we all want is for some rando to inch a little too far into our personal lives.

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