Kingdom Hearts: the Disney vault opens to PC gamers

Good news first: Kingdom Hearts will be coming to PC this year; bad news is that it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. This is not the worst news you can receive, but Steam users may be bummed out to hear this. Regardless, on March 30th, the four compilation Kingdom Hearts games will drop on PC: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX, HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, KH 3 and the Re Mind DLC, and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

To speak about Epic Games slightly, this has been a positive step in its approach to compete with Steam. In combination with their monthly free games, these sought after, exclusive releases have been paramount in helping Epic stand strong and apart from other storefronts. Also, the game will most likely not be an Epic exclusive forever.

Kingdom Hearts has games on many consoles, but the move to PC has gamers overly excited. Recently, Persona 4 was also released on PC, giving hope that PC gamers will be getting many more games thought to only be on console. Heck, PC gamers are being given a special bonus as well; the games have been given HD upgrades!

You can preorder Kingdom Hearts from the Epic Games Store, currently. Are you excited to go on these marvelous adventures again, or even the first time, on PC?

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