Marketing tip: personalize your social media strategy

My name is Keizer and I am part of the Elite. My article is about personalizing your marketing strategy. In real life it's my job to strategize with companies over how to reach a "target audience" and as a content creator you are doing the exact same thing. How do you stand out from millions and millions of streamers in this world and get your content to be noticed?

Social Media:
I am going to be a bit harsh here, sorry. Social Media is not an option as a content creator it's a requirement. How can you get viewers in if you aren't sharing your content on the place where that audience is? So first step is get your name out there on the socials. Do it. Trust me. DO IT. You want to make it? You HAVE TO INVEST time and content.

Just bringing content and streaming whenever you can is not going to work: YOU NEED TO STRATEGIZE! My beloved colleague "ShadowforgeArani" was already discussing Sponsorships vs Affiliate Programs. A great example on why strategy is important, Do you really want to spam products towards your timeline to make an extra $10? Do you want your followers to see you advertising every week trying to make them buy products? This is just one of the examples I see flying around on socials. Consider what you want for your brand, what fits your channel, content, style, GFX and... Personalizing your socials.

"Social Media is not about SALES, it's about ENGAGEMENT"

Target Audience:
It's really important to understand this. Who are you trying to reach? What is your content about? Shooters? IRL? Sweaty try hard? Or you a clown who has a laugh? The answers create a "profile" the next step is to match your content to that goal. Your content is about kills and dubbs? Clip and share the epic moments. Why? Because you want your viewers to understand you are the king of the hill. When they come to you it's about clutching up and taking dubbs combined with you as a person. If you focus mainly on chat before you focus on the game, make sure to put that out there. Clip and share moments that show that. Every view on that post builds your brand. Winning one viewer at a time.

Engage with others on socials, especially within your community/viewer base. It's good to remain in style as much as you can. This doesn't mean you have to be online 24/7 replying to everybody. When you have 5 minutes to spare, check your socials and engage with others, but try and remain true to yourself and the brand you wish to represent. It's always good to have a laugh, but don't be an ass, others see that and hurting a brand is way easier than building one.

Engagement also works the other way around. What posts do the best in terms of results? What content generates the most views/likes/replies? About 90% of the time it's the personal ones. Being a content creator is so much more than just the content you provide, it's also about YOU. So share whatever you feel comfortable with, but whatever you do share some of who you really are as well. How can you connect with your audience if you don't know them or they know nothing about you. Build that relationship, it's the foundation of your future growth.


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