Marvel’s Avengers: The Fight Against Cosmetics

Marvel’s Avengers released to mixed perceptions & reviews, sitting at around a 67% on Metacritic. Something that had fans of gaming & Earth’s mightiest heroes in a tizzy was the expected microtransaction inclusion. With cosmetics, emotes, & takedowns able to be bought with credits, it left a sour taste in the mouths of many towards the AAA industry. Marvel’s Avengers is not safe from the practice.

In a positive string of events, Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics have reduced the cost of some of these items during a recent in-game event. After the event it was confirmed on Twitter that these reductions would be permanent. Some of these included were legendary emotes & epic takedowns.

When starting the game, a recent announcement shows: "Based on your feedback, we are keeping the 50% discounts on Takedowns and Emotes from last week's sale and making them the new regular price of these items.” This comes as positive news, because in-game credits cost about $1 for 100 credits.These changes are a whopping 50% of their original market cost. For example, legendary emotes are now 500 credits instead of 1000. Now, instead of costing $10, they will "only" cost $5. Now you can feel better about buying a Hulk dab (if available?).

With more funds to keep your pockets full, you can enjoy Marvel’s Avengers with a heavier wallet & a clearer mind. Stay tuned for more updates on Marvel’s Avengers & let us know what hero you enjoy spending your hard-earned cash on.

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