Moderators: a crucial part of your streaming success on Twitch.

My name is Keizer and this is my personal opinion on Moderation and mod selection. There is nothing more important than feeling safe and protected. That's the first reason why you have your moderators. So, don't just slap somebody who is around a lot with a sword, but treat it as your "Excalibur", because not everyone is suited to have the sword. Select your mods with caution, as they hold the keys to your kingdom

Basics: A moderator on Twitch has certain rights in your chat. They can timeout or even ban members and with the new moderator view they can also check off the challenge tasks that you need to do with the channel points redemption offer (if activated). When you have another bot active on Twitch (StreamElements or Streamlabs for example) you can also give them super moderator or regular moderator. With that they can change your category, titles, and even do certain commands only available to the mods.

Moderator selection: So don't just slap somebody with a sword, think and strategize. When you are still small, maybe ask a friend or family member to help out? But when you have somebody in mind think about this: Moderation is not a one way street. These people are going to protect you, spend a lot of time to help you, so give them something in return.

For example: Let them help with ideas you have; make them have a vote on channel stuff or marketing plans, hear their feedback and learn/evolve from it and most important: THANK THEM ON A REGULAR BASIS. Without good mods, no good streams. Keep them in the loop with as much of your ideas/brainfarts/worries and so on as you possibly can. These people are the heart and soul of your stream. How can they help and feel like part of the team if they are left out? They should be FIRST with whatever plans you have.

Moderator Guidelines: Moderators follow your wishes and leadership on your content and your channel. So they need tools and guidance on what you like and dislike. Some mods are partly trolls too, which can be good if you are in a good and secure place, but you need to guide and be clear on what your wishes are. What is allowed and what is not allowed.

For example: I know a streamer who got a massive troll with even treats. That shit is unacceptable and should never be t(r)ollerated. The moderator gave a timeout, but that should have been a clear instant ban from the channel. When the timeout was over that person came back and made it even worse. With a ban that person would have never got the chance to do it again; rules and guidelines matter. Make sure to be very clear on what you like or dislike because the kingdom thrives or tumbles on good moderators.

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