Monthly 1 on 1 advisoring sessions on twitch marketing (Event Finished)

We as a community try our very best to improve. As a community, but also within the community and it’s members. We believe that training on community levels works, but these one on one reviews on your branding, content and channel are very well received within the community.

Twitch Elite Community presents: Stream Surgery

Talk for 30 minutes with a marketing professional about your Twitch Channel, overall branding and other marketing aspects to become a more successful content creator.
These one on one sessions are booked within the discord.

We currently have limited slots for members to sign up. We will fit you in other sessions if we don't get to you in this one. (first come, first serve)

Date: 22/04/21

Start time of the Twitch stream surgery 6pm BST / 1pm EST

Elite Team Community:

Elite is a content creating community based around Twitch. We build the community around sharing knowledge, supporting each other and training sessions done by professionals. We also offer a lot of perks to our members too. This includes “active duty” a live now on Twitch feature in our Discord. The option to join the official “Twitch Stream Team” and even a full marketing program for our community partners. Show your brand to our fast growing community that holds over 350 members and see what we can do to help you in your content creation journey. Join us today on Discord.

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