New Pokemon Snap: The Cutest Photo Album Around.

The original Pokemon Snap released for the Nintendo 64 back in 1999, and for over 20 years Pokemon fans have wanted another photography safari of pocket monsters. Well, on April 30th, 2021, Pokemon fans need not wait a second more because we are getting the New Pokemon Snap! Get ready to jump back into the role of the Pokemon photographer!

From what we have learned, this Pokemon Snap installment plays in a relatable fashion to the original N64 version, as it is an on-rails “shooter”. The goal of Pokemon Snap is to capture Pokemon in their natural habitat doing amazingly cute things, racking up high photo ratings. We have new trailer footage attached to showcase the updated gameplay and features of the New Pokemon Snap

With so many regions, fans are wondering how far we have come from the original and where we will explore as the Pokemon photographer. In this installment, Pokemon photographers will visit the Lental region and assist Professor Mirror in collecting Pokemon photos. To do this, the character must be able to traverse unique grounds and locations, so the new hovercraft vehicle is your primary mode of transport. With all these tools, the player can focus on getting amazing photographs of Pokemon doing wonderful things, because unique moments help with your photograph ranking. Also, with unique items and food, the ability to get Pokemon to do different things lends to replay ability.

New Pokemon Snap launches on April 30th for the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited to snap some shots of Pokemon doing wild things? You can buy the new Pokemon Snap here!

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