Outriders: Launch Day Woes.

Many video games suffer snafues on launch day, especially when online components are a major staple for the game. Day one patches may break more than they help; servers may crumble under the immense pressure of the player base. In the case of Outriders, players were having issues playing the game on launch day via server issues and login problems.

According to reports, players could not connect to the Outriders servers and were stuck on the authentication screen. The disconnect between People Can Fly, the developers of Outriders, and Square Enix was disheartening to see. We felt pity for the developers that worked hard on Outriders, as the server issues were the responsibility of Square Enix. Now, they have been taken down and fixed by Square Enix, but the bad taste can linger for some time. Sadly, people sometimes look at the developer for all issues and blame them totally.

Regarding performance once in Outriders, PC players had reported initial stuttering and lagging, shown to eventually be an issue with DX12. This is my personal disgust with gaming today. A product sold to consumers should be at its fullest potential, and stuttering is unacceptable for paying customers. Time crunch and deadlines are to blame, in my opinion.

Also, players reported that cross-play had been faulty, with PC players unable to play Outriders with console users. Problems were said to eventually be patched, said Square Enix, but another black eye for Outriders. The advice was not to attempt cross-play until the fixes were patched in.

In two phases, the Outriders servers were to come back online. The first phase being outside the US, with the statement, “As soon as we have confirmed stable server loads for the rest of the world, we will bring the US online.” Since then, the Outriders team posted an update on Twitter telling US players “Get back in there and f*ck sh*t up”. They continued, “Our teams will continue to monitor the overall situation. Sorry we kept you waiting. Godspeed Outriders.”

All we can say is we wish the best of luck to the Outriders team and player base, as the game seems to have great potential.

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