Outriders: Turn Devastator from a Zero to Hero.

Outriders boasts four classes for you to meddle around with. You can be a Technomancer, Trickster, Pyromancer, or Devastator. The consensus, however, is the Devastator is an ironic name for the class. Most consider the Devastator the weakest class in Outriders. They do not appear to have equal damage outputs as the other classes when you first review them.

With that said, you can turn this simple farm goat into the acronym GOAT with a few tips for Outriders. Become the tank class you were meant to be in Outriders with some builds below.

Vanquish Your Foes: https://outriders.fandom.com/wiki/Vanquisher

Put your focus into the Vanquisher skill tree. Use the tree to strengthen your Gravity Leap 70% and Golem by 40%. With Golem, you will more likely keep your head out on adventures in Outriders. Combine armor modifications with this build to buff your chances of survival.

Earthquake works as a great skill here as a means to output damage, interrupt enemies, and increase both armor and health.

Shift…..Seismically: https://outriders.fandom.com/wiki/Seismic_Shifter

To boost your skill damage and stack bleeding, consider a Seismic Shifter build.

Focus on skills that harm bleeding enemies more, prop up close-range damage, and using the Despair debuff during Gravity Leap. Remember that bleeding is key here. That’s a statement you can only make with video games…or as a leech. You will continue to heal and output more damage as long as bleeding occurs.

Also consider the Roaring Umbra Legendary and the Seismic Commander’s Set bonus here. Become the ultimate close-range wheeling, blood stealing, enemies-be-kneeling Outriders devastator.

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