Playstation 5: Astrobot easter eggs

I (Flema93) finally did it! After weeks of trying to get a PS5, I managed to grab one and couldn’t wait to play with it. There’s not a lot of exclusives to play just yet, but one game that comes free with the PS5 is Astro’s Playroom.

Astro’s Playroom was made purely for the PS5 to show off all the new control features for the console. Its a 3D platform game thats great fun and really shows what the new console can do! However, what I was not prepared for was the HUGE amount of PlayStation easter eggs there throughout the game. I loved finding and working them all out, so below I wanted to show some of my favourites!

The Last of us

One of PlayStations biggest hits and my favourite game of all time! Here we can see Ellie & Joel (with his trusty brick) hiding from a clicker..

Heavy Rain

This was in fact the game that made me want a PS3. Here you can see an origami figure that was left by the killer with each of their victims.


Most everyone knows who Spider-Man is; here he is dangling from the ceiling showing off his abilities.

Silent Hill

Watch out for Pyramid Head! Another legendary series and character.

PaRappa the Rappa

Here’s a nod to the classic PS1 game that taught my crazy rapping skills, word.

God of War (2018)

Here is the iconic Kratos with his son Atreus, we can’t wait for the sequel hopefully coming this year!

PlayStation VR Worlds

Virtual reality has been groundbreaking in the video game world. This game came free with the PSVR showing off what it can do! I tried this but had to back out, sharks and me do not mix

Death Stranding

Here’s poor Sam Bridges having to lug more deliveries, alongside little BB!

Tomb Raider

Another iconic character, Lara Croft! Here she is rocking her dual pistols like the bad a** she is!

Days Gone

Deacon sporting his bandanna, outrunning the horde on his motorbike.

Resident Evil

As a horror fan, this was obviously another one that I loved when spotted! From Chris’s expression, I wouldn’t go through that door Jill..

Until Dawn

Another horror game where you decided the fates of these teens, don’t forget them button prompts!


Fighting games aren’t really my thing, but I spotted this easter egg straight away! Feeling pretty old right now..


The free climbing king, Nate Drake himself! Wearing his classic gun holster and look; Naughty Dog yellow!

Horizon Zero Dawn

I noticed Aloy when she shot at my face with her bow and arrow; thats one way to get my attention!

Final Fantasy 7

Am I the only that hears the music in my head?

Ape Escape

A lot of people may have never heard of this game, but it was my favourite as a click! Weird, but amazing.
And to finish off this list we can’t forget what people call the PlayStation mascots (this is arguable I know).


Feeling hot, hot, hot! I love this action shot and don’t forget the gems.

Ratchet and Clank

Clank is on the back I swear! Here’s Ratchet ready to build.

Crash Bandicoot

Last but not least we have Crash! This one wasn’t exactly subtle..

And those are my favourites that I found! There’s tons more, with some having found over 70! I urge you if you have PS5 to play this game and experience all of the easter eggs as well as this fun platformer. It’s a great throwback and it really shows off what the controls can do and is a great first game to start with for enjoying your new console! Peace!

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