Reading this will be hard for some people

It is time to get serious.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that is suffered by so many people around the world. With mild to extreme levels of learning difficulty to each person affected. Around 12 million people between England and Ireland suffer with this disability and somewhere close to 700 million people worldwide.

My online name is CreepyNannerz and I stream on twitch with mild to moderate dyslexia. I wanted to talk a little about how this disability can affect people who suffer from it and to whom it can make it a little bit better from them, from things that I have done in my own streaming hobby.

Take your time

I remember being a child aged around eight in Ireland and trying to read at school. In those days it was not very common to know if someone has dyslexia and was not tested very much. In my primary school there was no one who had been tested or thought to have the disability. My parents were worried as I was falling behind in my studies as dyslexia also can affect some with mathematics, which is something that I suffer from. I remember my father sitting me down and making me read for one hour every night. At the start it used to take me about 30 minutes to just get through one page of a normal fictional novel book. This took a long time for me to make any progress but with persistence it got better. By the age of 13 I could read anything at an okay pace.

You never completely get rid of a learning or reading disability so natural this followed me into my adult life and my hobby of streaming games to twitch. I’ve been streaming for about two years now and my channel has seen it’s up and downs like most. With a slow start my channel was growing a slow-ish rate and chat was normal 3-4 people chatting to me. This was not a problem to me with my disability as that many chatlines is not something that is too hard to keep up with. However, once I saw my channel get to the 10-15 people chatting all at once. That made a difference to how fast I had to read. My advice to anyone that suffers from moderate dyslexia to just take your time reading chat and let your chat know that it will take you more time to read their comments. I have a great community and they are mostly very supportive of my disability and help me sometimes if I read something the wrong way.

Size matters

The last bit of advice I can bring to people that have a problem with reading. Is that size matters a lot to me anyway when it comes to text size. I personally use OBS Live which gives you many ways to tweak your chat box that the streamer uses. Normally when you download obs live the chat size is set at a small font of 10 or 11. This is so that the chat box keeps as many chatters as possible before it is lost and starts scrolling. I however use a size of 15-18 which helps me read. The bigger the font size is, the easier it is for me to read at a faster pace when there are a lot of chatters. Though one must know by doing this there will be less room for a multiple number of chats in the box before it starts to scroll. So, looking at chat frequently is needed, or some chat may be lost, and your chat will give out to you like mine do xD.

Final thoughts

To sign off from this, I would just like to say if you suffer from dyslexia, you are not alone. It takes a bit of hard work and persistence, but you will make it there. Streaming should be a hobby for everyone, regardless of your learning disability or any disability to be honest. There are amazing streaming communities like the Elite team community. They have some very nice and understanding people who run it and are there for the good and the bad time in your streaming career/hobby.

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