Resident Evil - speedrun tournament (event passed)

About the “Resident Evil” Elite Community speedrun event:

We are proud to announce a brand new speedrun tournament to all you (future) Elite members out there! It’s a blast from the past! A series of brilliant puzzles and horror! You guessed it: it’s Resident Evil! But wait… what about remakes?! NO. We're going old school ladies and gentlemen! We provide the downloads and splits for you and all you gotta do is run it! Simple? Well there will be more and more competition as you progress!

This is a franchise we hold dearly to our hearts here at the Elite. So for me, Quinns93, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to host such a prestigious event! Runners will be fighting tooth and nail to escape the hordes of undead that are roaming the streets of Raccoon City! Can our runners make it out alive and blow this whole operation world wide?! Tune in to see what happens!

Times & Dates:

The times of the events will start around 1PM GMT on the 5th September 2021 and end at 7pm GMT on the 5th September 2021 time zones will vary, if needed use the local time zones converters for the event. Entries will be opened up on the 30th August 2021.

Rules & Prizes:

So; the rules are relatively simple! The Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 speed runners at the end of the month. The prize will be Honor or Discord XP that has all kinds of awesome perks within the Elite Community. Runs will be allowed and verified on if you want to showcase your run globally.

1. No Glitching, hacking or modding of any kind! Any found will be instant dismissal of run;

2. No real time splits. Game time only will be counted;

3. No sounds that overpower the in game sounds;

4. Must run the game in default outfit, and must be the game we issued;

5. Runs verified must be done viia stream, recorded footage or youtube uploaded;

6. No 3rd party softwares, randomisers or other mods that impact the game given to you.

Join the Elite Community Discordand sign up for the speedrunners role to join this event!

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