Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Trailer Information.

Capcom rocked us all with their Resident Evil showcase. It was not all about Resident Evil video games, however. We got our first look at the new Netflix show, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. This should come shambling towards us in July of 2021 and will feature series protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy.

The recent Resident Evil 2 remake did their characters justice, and even the voice actors are reprising their roles for this Netflix series to keep familiarity with the success of the game. However, we did not get to hear them speaking to each other in the trailer.

The trailer shows them coming together and reuniting, possibly for the first time since the events of Raccoon City. In this show, instead of Raccoon City, we are set inside the White House, overrun with zombies.

Speculation aside, the actual synopsis is as follows: Special agent Leon is investigating a hacking situation at the White House, and Claire Redfield is trying to warn of an outbreak of zombies within a refugee group she is helping. Keeping in line with Resident Evil absurdity, Claire’s evidence is a drawing from a child, which Leon appears to shun without even a comment. Officially, the synopsis is that Leon was being cagey when he refuses to give Claire information. The show should also take place, timeline wise, within a couple years of Resident Evil 4.

With, in my opinion, the mediocre Resident Evil movies being the main viewing media, this is a welcomed surprise. Along with this Resident Evil show, the movie reboot Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is coming out this year as well. Also, there is potentially a live-action Resident Evil show in the works.

This all rings exciting to add onto the already wide world of Resident Evil. What Resident Evil show or movie are you excited about most?

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