Streamer equipement tip: Elgato Stream Deck

Every content creator starts simple, with basic settings & limited visual appeal. Over time, your elements on stream grow & can seem overwhelming to manage. You’ll want sound effects, gifs, scene transitions, voice changers, etc., & you’ll need a way to centralize all of this. Enter the Elgato Stream Deck.

Created by Elgato, alongside many other useful products & software, the Elgato Stream Deck was made with simplicity & intuition in mind. Your creativity is no longer limited in terms of space, as you can have all actions at the tips of your fingers and have all your tasks automated via the push of a button. With different options, you have the choice of a mini (6 LCD buttons), normal (15 LCD buttons), or XL stream deck (32 LCD buttons). This device is a must have for a streamer & your new best friend/organizer. The other perk?...It’s extremely user friendly & easy to set up.

Setting up your Stream Deck:
It'is as simple as having a free USB slot & downloading the Elgato stream deck software. Since the stream deck works so well with OBS/SLOBS/OBS Live, you will just need to have both open & you’ll be able to easily create button pushes for scene changes, stream equipment changes, camera angles, etc. Setting up local files like sound effects, images appearing, or videos is as simple as selecting a button in the deck software & choosing the file. You can also set up custom images for your buttons on the stream deck right from the software. Do you want a picture of troll face for your trololo sound effect? Do it.

Mission Control:
Think of your stream deck as your studio control panel. It allows you to quickly switch scenes, cameras, audio equipment, and more on the fly. You no longer have to disengage with chat or your game/stream to manually select a new scene or transition; you can just press your stream deck button to initiate the total action for you. You need to grab some food? Press your Be Right Back scene button & you’re done. You want to switch from your starting soon screen to your face-cam scene? Button push. It’s that simple to use.

Finally, you can manage your social media presence via the stream deck. Why alt-tab or grab your phone, when you can press a button to send a tweet out, showing your followers that you’re live. With the stream deck, work smart, not hard. You’ll be able to manage your time & efforts better; be able to continue engaging with your chat, without delay; also, you’ll come across as more marketable as an organized streamer.

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