Streaming a niche - pros and cons

An article by Flema93! So no one told you streaming was gonna be this wayyyyy *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP*. One of the biggest questions in streaming today is what to stream in the first place? Should I play any video games or should I be more specific? Let’s talk about streaming a niche!

What does it mean to stream a niche?

Streaming a niche means that you only stream a specific genre/topic. For example, I myself am a horror streamer, so I only stream horror games (we’ll ignore that one time I played Fall Guys). But you could also stream a hobby, for example art, which could then be your niche. Here are the pros and cons that I’ve found!

Pro - Audience knows what to expect

If you stream a niche people will always know what they’re getting! If people come into my stream they know they’re going to see me scream my a** off! When your audience knows what sort of games you’ll always be playing then they will know what to expect and may come for that specific reason.

Con - Limits the games you can play - not able to stream new games coming out

People will know what you’re likely to be playing, but this does also limit the games that you can play. Streaming a niche doesn’t mean that's the only thing you enjoy to do, so there may be other games that you would have to play away from stream if it doesn’t fit in your niche.

Pro - Makes it easier to find games

Knowing the genre you’re playing makes it so much easier when deciding what to play! I know streamers that struggle sometimes to know what they want to play that stream because there is just so much to choose from! Having a niche makes this task a lot easier on yourself

Con - Can’t stream what may be a trending game

There are always amazing games that come out, but they may not fit your niche. There could be a game on Twitch that everyone is playing at the time, but if it doesn’t fit your brand then playing it could confuse your audience. For example, you could be a streamer that plays FPS games. If you were to suddenly one day, even as a one off, play Among us that may not do your channel any favours. You may gain a few followers from it, but if you were to never play that game again, they might not come back for that reason.

Pro - Helps you define your brand

Streaming a niche will help you define your brand. It allows you to narrow down what you want your brand to be. The clearer your brand is, the easier it is for your audience to know what to expect from your channel. When I decided I wanted to just stream horror games, it allowed me to recreate my brand and define what people would get when they came.

Con - Might not be able to play with friends, especially with horror

A big part of playing games for a lot of people is being able to play friends. Depending on what your niche is, it may mean your not being able to do this. A lot of the horror games I play are for one person, meaning that I don’t get the chance to play with others. This is a personal thing, as you may prefer to play games alone, but it is definitely something to consider

Whatever you decided to stream, the most important thing is that it's something you enjoy! If you’re having fun then so will your audience!

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