Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Speedrun Tourney (Event passed)

Get your cat suits ready!

This tourney will be for both the Switch and Wii U. If playing as Peach or Toad isn’t your game then you can also help Mario get Bowser tamed in Boswer’s Fury. This tourney is free and open to all players. Runners will be seeded based on your current pb that is on the leaderboard after July 15th.

Not a speedrunner? No problem! You will be seeded then based on the estimate given for each category. For SM3DW all races will be Any% and for BF it will be 100 shines. All tourney matches will be agreed upon both runners schedule and time; it must be streamed on Twitch or can be streamed in Discord with approval.

Once matches are done you will move through the bracket. Some matches from top 16 and 8 will be streamed on Speedgaming based on availability of the streamers. We will have only a winners bracket and semi finals and finals will be streamed on the Elite Twitch channel.


Prizes will be determined before July 30!

How do I sign up?

First go to the Elite Discord and pick the speedrunner role im #role-selection. Then go to #speed-runners-signups and drop your name to play. Please make sure to add which categories you would like to run. Next, head over to to make an account there.

Your current PB will be pulled from If you don't have one you will be given an estimate. If your PB changes before July 15th then you can add them into the #sm3dw-pb and/or bf-pb channels so that we can update them accordingly.


June 15th: Sign ups open

July 15th: Sign ups close

July 19th: tourney begins

More dates will come your way. Please keep a look out for more announcements.

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