Super Nintendo World Universal

Ever since Nintendo blew our minds with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1983, many kids and adults have dreamt of being in the hat of Mario, the shoes of Yoshi, or the tie of Donkey Kong. While you may not be able to become these titans of Nintendo, you can now walk through their world.

Orlando Location Delayed

Super Nintendo World is erasing the line between fantasy and reality and allowing fans to visit a whole official Nintendo theme park. If you wish to enter the warp pipes now, you can fly over to Japan’s Universal Studios. Universal Studios Orlando is slated to open their Nintendo park in 2023, but rumors are surfacing that a 2025 release is more realistic now. The most problematic reason is most likely thanks to delays, perpetrated by the corona virus. Even Japan’s Super Nintendo World was not opened completely smoothly.

With this possible delay, we can expect other Super Nintendo World park locations to see similar pushbacks with planning and building. Unfortunately, this cannot be helped thanks to our current pandemic, and many other industries are suffering as well.

While you can currently visit Super Nintendo World in Japan, the other locations set to host this magical world are Florida, California, and Singapore. If you cannot wait for a location closer to you, will you be venturing to the land of the rising sun to say hello to Mario and friends?

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