The Last of Us Day

The Last of Us captured the hearts & gut-wrenching feelings of players through two well thought out games on PlayStation 3 & 4. Naughty Dog has taken the popularity of The Last of Us & coined the previously named Outbreak Day into The Last of Us Day. The studio made this decision based on the happenings of the current year, including the COVID-19 crisis. On September 26th, The Last of Us Day shall be the center of merchandise announcements, & more related to the series.

First to note is The Last of Us board game, in development from CMON. CMON also created Bloodborne: The Board Game & God of War: The Card Game. I think every fan of The Last of Us will appreciate a tabletop format of their favorite characters.

CMON stated: "The Last of Us: The Board Game will be the first-ever board game set in the world of Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed and best-selling video game series, The Last of Us. As long-time fans of the series, we recognize the special place these games hold in the hearts and minds of its many fans." "The heart-stopping suspense of suddenly hearing an unseen clicker behind you; the intensity of a firefight as you desperately try to tell friend from foe; the heartbreak of being double crossed and seeing all your plans fall apart; the exhilaration of finding a safe place to rest and surviving just one more day even though all the odds were against you. The Last of Us is a series that provides a deep, emotional experience combined with endless thrills and excitement."

Also, on the cards is Mondo’s The Last of Us original soundtrack on vinyl. Now fans of the game & the sweet sound of vinyl will be able to get their hands on this special 2xLP release. The Last of Us 2 vinyl will also include special illustrations by Tula Lotay. Along with the vinyl, two new The Last of Us 2 artistic posters from Lotay are available for preorder. You can get your The Last of Us preorder of these unique items over at

Bring Ellie from The Last of Us into your world with a new 16-inch Ellie statue, available for preorder from Gaming Heads. Also available for preorder, Mamegyorai is releasing a set, featuring a 1/9 scale figure of both Ellie & Joel.

Finally, for new fans who wish to jump into the chaos of The Last of Us, The Last of Us Remastered & The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC are on sale for 50% off within the PlayStation store! Also available on sale, are other TLoU bundles & gear items.

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