The Official Elite Twitch Extension

Keizer here. One of the founders of the Elite. According to our announcement in the Official Elite Christmas Party we are working on an official Elite Twitch Extension. Like most in the community know we planned the release in early 2021 and it looks like we are going to make that deadline. You are not familiar with Extension in Twitch?Check this post about it.

Strategic Vision on the Extension:

With the launch of the Sound Alerts option in the extension we are laying our foundation for the future. Not only is it a great tool for our members to further monetize their content, but we also consider this launch the basis for our future as a community. The Elite is an open community where we strive to share knowledge, learn together and grow as a content creators. The official Twitch Extension is going to be expanded and actively developed with ideas, updates and support! All new features will be focused on marketing, exposure and engagement with you: the content creator!

Step one: Sound Alerts

Sound alerts are created with the sole purpose to increase your engagement and hand you another monetization option while adding a lot of laughs to your channel. Ten alerts can be uploaded to the extension and offered to your audience through the extension. Starting with 10 bits til how much you want, you offer the audience an option to scare jump you, or just troll you with sounds or add self created voice effects. Another great way to interact with your audience while you add an extra earning model too!

This is a feature that every member in Discord can access. Join our Elite Discord today and start using the Extension in beta. When fully released you are all set to fully use the functions and sounds you already created.

Step two: Clip Manager

To be completely honest, this feature is built because of the frustrating process to get your content out there. Especially on mobile it’s hard to download your clips to distribute your content over all platforms. We are fixing that. WIth our clip manager you can easily download the file and utilize your content over all your available socials. With the file it’s just a matter of uploading to your platforms to get your name out there. This is a premium feature connected to our Patreon.

When this project is done we will announce the next steps. “We are Elite” is not just a sentence. It’s a commitment to work together and create together. So bring your ideas, bring your feedback and support. As the Elite extension is one extension to rule them all. Yes, I referred to ‘lord of the rings’.

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