The PlayStation 5: A Developer Love Letter

With consoles getting quite the power boost recently, a looming inquiry is which one is a developer’s favorite to work on? Well, according to the Game Developers Conference’s State of the Game industry report of 2021 (mouthful), the favorite console is the PlayStation 5. There was more information in that report, but this article is only about the true consoles love of developers.

The survey for the report was done industry wide. The information and data collected was from 3,000 industry professionals. To break down the numbers: 44% stated they were mostly interested in developing for the PlayStation 5; 38% divulged they were interested in developing for the Switch; Xbox Series X/S came in at 30%; VR skirted in last at 27%. Now, while PS5 was the most popular on the consoles, PC came in at 58%. I find this funny, as PC ports seem to harbor troves of bugs, glitches, and performance issues not seen on consoles. Also, the percentages equal 139% for consoles, so participants were most likely able to select more than one.

A GDC survey from when the consoles were released is in line with this, in that 38% of developers chose the PlayStation 5 and 25% chose the Series X (which is technically more powerful). Honestly, there is no real information as to why developers seem to appreciate the PS5 more. Perhaps PlayStation 5 dev consoles secretly give developers massages. Who knows?

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