The state of events 2020/2021

The worst thing to happen to events.

It is 2020 and possibly one of the worst things to happen to a planet other than a nuclear bomb. During the early part of 2020, the world was thrown into uncertainty. A new deadly virus called covid-19, which we all now know has been such a challenging time in most people's lives.

One of the simple joys people have in life is to go out and socialize with friends and family. Many of these activities would be going to a comedy gig, or a concert and the list goes on. The event industry like many industries still have not recovered or been able to reopen in many cases. So many students who were in their final year or had just started the degree were left wondering if there is a career for me in this line of work. Not only that but already established industry professionals have to move and adapt with what has been thrown at them.

The light amongst the dark

A beacon of hope for the industry is in the form of online events such as webinars/seminars. However, if you draw your mind a little outside of the box, you will see an industry that has been around for years and unknown to most, is a billion dollar industry. What might this industry be you say? Well, it's eSports.

eSports be it small or the big leagues has a massive following and is watched by millions of people every year. Students coming out of high school can literally get a full ride in the college of their choice if they are the 1% of gamers out there. Normally this kind of event can be done almost all online, with millions being able to watch on Twitch and YouTube gaming.

Which brings me to my question to all readers. With the state of the world as we know it right now. Do you think the event industry should adopt the format of the eSports world? Which can be done online or in person with large conventions.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the state of play with the event industry. What events are you most wanting to see come back when there is a bit more normality?

Join the discord and tell us.

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