Tomb Raider: a new Lara Croft adventure?

Recently, people have been seeing more discourse online regarding the Tomb Raider franchise. Without surprise, however, because Tomb Raider has been a major player in the gaming world since 1996; it should be getting some love in this new decade. In fact, we have already gotten some news regarding our beloved Tomb Raider quite recently.

Tomb Raider Reloaded is coming to mobile gaming this year and a new movie sequel is being made. Though mobile gaming is not what most gamers get riled up about, sans for some appetizer games (i.e., Fallout Shelter), we are at least excited Alicia Vikander is reprising her Lara Croft role in the new film. Speaking of watchable media, a Netflix anime-styled Tomb Raider show is said to be in the works also. It’s a cornucopia of Lara Croft!

Recently we have learned a new game is in production via Crystal Dynamics, and it happens to be the 25-year anniversary of Tomb Raider this year. Expect to hear more about this title soon, which hopefully brings together and branches the reboots and titles of old. Are you excited for more Lara Croft?

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