Valve: New Games Incoming

You cannot dive into PC gaming without eventually swimming towards the leviathans Half Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Counter-Strike; these titles created by the iconic Valve. The beauty of Valve is “quality over quantity” rings absolutely true here. The game developer is known for high quality games, but only a small handful. Hell, you cannot avoid an April Fool’s day on Reddit without a few “Half-Life 3 incoming” posts.

That said, Valve has been busy putting out some titles for their beloved franchises. Back 4 Blood is not being created by Valve proper, so we will look at Half-Life for now. Half-Life Alyx released as a stellar VR experience. Fans were surely disappointed it was not Half-Life 3, but it was a start for lighting the Half-Life flame again and the flame of their single-player development.

Vavle gets hyped?

Due to the development process and excitement of Half-Life Alyx, Gabe Newell stated that we could expect more games put into the market from Valve, speaking to 1 News. Gabe said their interest had been sparked, and gamers will rejoice with this sentiment.

Though we are unsure of what games Gabe and Valve plan to bring to us, we are overly excited. They could be returns to beloved IPs and franchises or new ones altogether. It may be that we venture into Portal 3 in the near future. We just need to patiently wait for an announcement. That is the keyword with being a Valve fan: patience.

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