What Happened with the PS5 Pre-Orders?

With buzz and hype generating for the PlayStation 5 at the Sony PS5 Showcase, fans were readying their plump wallets for the PS5 release date & price. The main concern, not mentioned during the Showcase, was when pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 would go live.

After the PS5 Showcase, PlayStation social media announced that PS5 pre-orders would be available the next day. Fans were in for a sudden shock as pre-orders went live unannounced & early at many retailers. Chaos ensued & engulfed the Sony fanbase. Scrambling & heavy traffic led to websites like GameStop to crash or direct users to error pages.

Then, following these incidents, online storefronts & retailers posted pre-orders for the PS5, once again unannounced. Adding insult to injury, Sony had proclaimed a PS5 early reservation to certain PSN users, though they never received word that the early PlayStation pre-orders were going to start. Sony did eventually send that reservation email to a number of those users, but it was already too late for their PlayStation 5 dreams; instead, it became a buyer’s nightmare.

The sheer lack of communication & coordination by Sony & their PlayStation marketing team is astounding. Sony Worldwide’s head of marketing even assured fans that PS5 pre-orders would not be an abrupt surprise, back in July. Ironically, we know what happened instead.

Sony’s handling of the PlayStation 5 pre-orders has been quite a mess. However, it is interesting to consider that they were going for the “scarcity tactic” to drive up demand & critical want. This may be a conniving, yet strong marketing ploy. It has worked for Nintendo in the past, though done much more subtly. Hopefully, this is actually the case, and not ineptitude by Sony’s hand.

You can, possibly, get your hands on the PlayStation 5 when it drops on November 12th, 2020. Keep your eyes open for updates on pre-orders, and your trigger finger ready to complete that purchase.

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