Xbox Series X: Launch Woes for The Great North & The UK.

The obelisk of daunting, green power has arrived! The Xbox Series X & the Xbox Series S have finally reached their long-awaited launch day; fans around the globe anxiously awaiting their chance to play Microsoft’s new flagship Xbox. Gaming brings so many fans together, but some fans may have to wait a bit longer to jump into this new sea of tech.

Delayed preorders US

In the US, Amazon had made an unfortunate announcement that some preorders might be delayed into December. Canadian & UK fans have now seen their own launch day dilemma.

Delayed preorders Canada

When you preorder something directly from the manufacturer, you do not foresee issues in receiving the product; they are making the product, right? Well, some Canadians Xbox junkies have come into that exact problem. Due to a shipping issue, some Xbox units were left at a FedEx location in Memphis Tennessee. According to IGN, users have reported that some shipments have been confirmed to be in transit again, with some to be delivered on the 11th.

Delayed orders United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, some buyers have received shipment delay notifications from Amazon, even though they had received launch day guarantees. The reasoning for some of this was due to low stock in fulfillment centers, reported by customers. Some of their deliveries could take up to 48 hours or more now.

Launch day pains are inevitable

In conclusion, launch day pains are inevitable. Companies & logistic organizations can create faux pas with so much demand and too many promises. The idea is to sink everyone in, with the hopes that those with issues will still patiently await what they desire (asking for forgiveness later, in a way). In the end, it seems like a multiple day delay at worst; there really is not a huge ordeal in that. I would be more worried of faulty units, which may be inevitable as well.

Information Sources - IGN

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